Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Gemmell Awards 2014

So this is my first blog post in three months. Sorry about that. I could offer up all kinds of feeble excuses to explain my lack of updates, but the simple truth is that I contracted a flesh-eating disease while in South America and lost both my hands. I've had to learn to type with my feet.

All right, that's not entirely true. But I have had a pretty nasty cough these last couple of weeks. And I've been really busy trying to finish Sword of the North.

Still - what I have to say now is important. Like a relative who barely stays in touch and only phones you every now and then to ask for something, I'm going to ask for something. A vote, as it were. The Grim Company has been nominated in three categories in this year's Gemmell Awards!

The Gemmell Awards are designed to reward the year's best fantasy literature and are voted on solely by the fans. No hidden (or not so hidden) agendas being pursued, just readers casting their vote for the book they liked best. Truth be told the open voting system often throws up some unlikely winners... but it's all part of the charm!

You can vote in the Morningstar poll for best debut here. The Ravenheart award is handed out to the book with the best cover art. I'm also up for the Legend award, whose prize is a coveted to-scale model of the axe Snaga (see above) - but my chances of winning that award or even being among the top five nominations are slim. If you think The Grim Company deserves a nomination, it's probably best to cast your vote in the Morningstar poll.

I've only read a few books on the Legend list. My vote would probably go to Emperor of Thorns. I really enjoyed Herald of the Storm, too, and have a bunch of other nominees on my to-read pile.

I should have news on Sword of the North soon, all going well...


  1. Hey, Luke. I'm finally getting around to looking up the authors I learned about at Vericon. You're one of them, and sad to say I've yet to read any of your books. I'm going to change that soon.

    We chatted briefly in the game room about places of interest in the vicinity of Bristol, and the natural disaster prone nature of pretty much all of the US. I hope your visit to the States was a good one. Just wanted to say thanks for making the trip and I look forward to reading your novels.

  2. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for stopping by! I remember our chat in the gaming room. I think that was the moment I decided I needed to learn how to play Settlers of Catan...

    The trip was great. Everyone was extremely friendly and I'm sure it'll live long in the memory. Hopefully I can pay another visit to Vericon at some point and catch up with everyone.

    I hope you enjoy the book!

  3. Book? Singular? Ah, I see you have premature ratings over at Goodreads. I thought you had two out already based on those ratings.

    Glad it was a good trip. Just so you know...Catan tends to be the thin end of the wedge. Start on that path and pretty soon you'll find yourself hankering for a game of The Resistance, or Betrayal at the House on the Hill. It's all good though, so enjoy.