Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Signed books for sale - 50% discount!

I'm moving house soon, and to clear up some space as well as spare myself the pain of carrying dozens of books up several flights of stairs, I'm offering signed (and personalised if requested) copies of my books in various languages at 50% off the cover price. I'm happy to post anywhere so long as the postage costs are covered. I currently have the following books available:

- Many copies of the Sword of the North and Dead Man's Steel US hardcover

- 3 copies of the German and French Grim Company and Sword of the North

1 copy of the Italian Grim Company and 3 of Sword of the North
2 copies of the Dutch Dead Man's Steel

1 copy of the Polish Grim Company

3 copies of the Czech Sword of the North. I may have copies of the first and third books in Czech somewhere, but finding them will involve rooting around in spider-infested corners of a shed. This is probably a death sentence, so only enquire if serious. 

If you're interested, comment or send me a message and we'll work something out. :)


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