Reviews for The Grim Company

If you like your glizzards glistening and your mages mean, this rollicking debut will suit ... This grisly, compelling read and the bonkers viciousness with which the best laid plans are disrupted is hugely enjoyable' Daily Mail. [Read full review.]

'Debut author Luke Scull packs an impressive amount of violence, hazy mortality and betrayal into these pages ... it'll please fans of the darker edges of epic fantasy' SFX.

'Darkly humorous epic fantasy ... debut novelist Luke Scull spins a gripping tale with expertise and relish' Guardian. [Read full review.]

'Brilliant' [Read full review.]

'A fantastic story that is ripe with action, strong characterization and a tight plot ... This is one debut not to be missed and marks Luke Scull as one of epic fantasy's talented debutants' Fantasy Book Critic. [Read full review.]

'A rollicking dark fantasy adventure novel. It moves with verve and pace ... and is threaded through with a great sense of humour' The Wertzone. [Read full review.]

'Highly memorable with a great cast and an even greater story all wrapped up in a mature world, told by a true story-teller' [Read full review.]

'Luke Scull is more than good. He's the sort of author you buy on publishing date and read on the way home' [Read full review.]

A noteworthy and gripping debut that promises to develop into an altogether superior series--one well-worth getting hooked on at the outset' Kirkus Reviews. [Read full review.]