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LUKE SCULL is a British author and videogame designer. Luke’s first novel, The Grim Company, was shortlisted for the Gemmell Morningstar Award and earned a starred review from Kirkus as well as praise from the Guardian, the Sun, and the Daily Mail. Luke’s game design credits include several acclaimed titles for Ossian Studios. He has worked on The Witcher, Neverwinter Nights, and Baldur’s Gate franchises and is currently the design lead for several projects.

You can keep up to date with Luke’s various projects by following him on Twitter at @Luke_Scull. For book-specific monthly updates, join his mailing list and receive the short story “A Ring to Rule Them All” absolutely free!

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A Ring to Rule Them All - Luke Scull

A Ring to Rule Them All

“A Ring to Rule Them All” tells the story of how the legendary swordsman Brodar Kayne escaped the clutches of his immortal master, the Shaman. The first, thrilling short story set in the world of the Grim Company also acts as a prequel to the award-nominated series.

A week inside a wicker cage will break a regular man. A month will push the bravest to the very edges of their sanity.

For Brodar Kayne, it has been almost a year since he was forced inside the fiendish prison. His crime? To defy his master’s command to massacre a town and people he once loved.

Even a year trapped in a cage could not break the spirit of the legendary Sword of the North. But having just watched his wife burned alive on a pyre, death would now be a merciful release.

However, Kayne’s most loyal friend has other ideas. The Wolf is as grim and implacable as death itself. And he never forgets a promise.

UK Readers can purchase the short story here. North America-based readers can get the short story following this link.