An end — and a beginning

The third and final novel of the Grim Company trilogy, Dead Man’s Steel, is released today in the US and Canada.

It’s been six years since I first put pen to paper and wrote the prologue of what would become one of the highest-profile fantasy releases of 2013. This last year has been a rollercoaster, to put it mildly, and at points it looked as though Book 3 wouldn’t quite make it — but here it is. Not all readers will agree with all the choices I made in this book: I’m prepared for some grumbles about the Fade, among other things. Ultimately, though, it’s the story I chose to tell and I’ll stand by those choices. I’m happy with the trilogy and proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Long-time readers of this blog will notice that my previous posts have disappeared. As mentioned, 2016 was… difficult. I decided to do a purge and reset a number of things in my life. I have a number of new projects lined up for 2017 and I’ll post about them first here, on this hallowed site. Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy the concluding volume of the Grim Company trilogy. Here’s to a great 2017 for us all.

One thought on “An end — and a beginning

  1. I'm your Italian fans, I read with frenzy your two books, I love "wolf" and all that you have written …. I look forward more and the final in Italy.
    Thanks for your wonderful books.
    Andrea Buso.

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