An update on the Dead Man’s Steel US paperback…

Unfortunately, my US publishers, Penguin, have decided not to release a paperback edition of Dead Man’s Steel at this time, mostly due to my digital sales vastly outnumbering my physical book sales.  You can still get hold of the book in hardcover as well as e-book/kindle editions. The novel has been available in paperback in the UK for quite some time, but I appreciate the cover design is very different to that of the US books and probably won’t please collectors. I’m very sorry that this happened — fingers crossed Dead Man’s Steel will see a paperback release at some point in the future, even if it takes a few years.

2 thoughts on “An update on the Dead Man’s Steel US paperback…

  1. Hey Luke, love the grim company novels. The ending to dead mans steel was amazing. Jerek is the f*****g man! Any update on kingdom? I'm glad to see these next novels will be bigger. That was literally the only thing I didn't love from the grim company trilogy. That world you created is ripe for big heavy doorstopper novels. But I'm sure it's a hell of alot of work to put out grrm or Sanderson sized novels. Well good luck in the future man and I'm excited to see what comes next.

  2. Many thanks, Jimmy! Kingdom is currently on hold while I work on another novel, which I have a sneaking suspicion you'll love even more. I'll post an update here soon. Cheers!

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