An update – and some unfortunate news

Many of you may be wondering when you’re getting a new Luke Scull book.

The fact of the matter is that my publisher has taken the decision to terminate my contract for books 4 & 5. This was decided a few weeks ago after a meeting between my editor and my agent.

At this point, I should stress that Nicolas Cheetham and the good people at Head of Zeus have been nothing but brilliant with me – the decision was taken because my editor felt that writing without pressure or obligation is the best way for me to rediscover my motivation, and frankly he is probably correct. I wish Head of Zeus all the best and look forward to working with them again when I have a finished manuscript to present. The three standalone books I had planned for the Grim Company world will get written at some point… but it is unlikely I’ll release a book in 2019.

You can read more about the personal issues that led to my current difficulties here:

The Great Realms Read-through is still ongoing: I should have the review for the next book, Tantras, posted very soon.

I also have exciting news on the game development front – all will hopefully be revealed next month!

4 thoughts on “An update – and some unfortunate news

  1. Sorry to hear this. Love the Grim Company books (a signed copy of book 1 sits on my shelf with pride). Look forward to getting my hands on the paper portals back to that world some day.

  2. As someone who has a lot of experience wrestling demons, I wish to share with you your own words to help guide you:

    "No matter how [our] short lives may seek to break [us], there is something within the best of [us] that will not shatter…no imperfection cannot be tolerated when a heart is good."

    Despite your struggles, the world you created and the words you write offer solace to those of use who use the written word for own own healing. So thank you, and good luck.

  3. Just finished Dead Man's Steel last night and googled you last night to find if there were any other books planned for this series as I really enjoyed all 3, but am now disheartened to read this news. I think you are a fantastic writer and every day for the last month or so I looked forward to getting home after work and settling in with a hot drink and reading your novels for an hour or two. Thank you for creating an intriguing universe, and sharing it with us. Please don't give up. I look forward to your next offering.

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