August 2022 update

Welcome, friends It’s been a busy six months. I’m still working on Doom of Icewind Dale, the first of my Blades of Netheril campaign for Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition.

I dipped my toes into the Warhammer universe, writing a couple of short stories for Black Library.

My short story for The King Must Fall anthology has been made available to backers, with the anthology going on general release in October.

I’m currently doing some writing for an exciting new setting based on Japanese mythology. My main writing project, however, is a horror novel that I hope to finish by the end of the year. It’s my first horror novel, and I hope it can make the same kind of splash as The Grim Company.

On the subject of The Grim Company, the next novel in that world is still in development. Head of Zeus cancelled my two-book deal back in 2018, but I have another partner lined up in a new approach that may just make some waves in the industry. I hope to have the first draft of the provisionally titled Kingdom of Snakes finished by mid-next year.

If my schedule allows, I’d love to release regular short stories set in the Age of Ruin starting some time later this year. I’m also weighing up the possibility of a novella. This would likely take place in the time leading up to the Godswar, five centuries before the opening of the trilogy.

The young adult/adult novel I started is currently in a state of stasis, but I feel very confident about it and will return to the book once I’ve finished the horror WIP.

That’s a lot of projects, and there are many more currently gestating in my big old noggin’. I haven’t released an actual book in over five years. Like the proverbial London bus, it’s entirely possible two or three will come along at once.

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