Monday, 16 February 2015

So, Er, Happy New Year

Yeah, I'm a little late. What's six or seven weeks between friends? Rest assured I'm back in the blogging saddle, and new updates shall flow as freely as blood when Jerek's in a foul mood. Which is to say all the time.

The digital UK release of Sword of the North has apparently gone very well: according to my agent it has sold three times what my publishers were anticipating, which is swell news indeed. The hardcover release is now less than a month away: March 12th is the big day. I'll be signing 100 copies for Goldsboro Books, as well as a handful others for various bookshops. If you're the kind of person who collects signed books - and as far as authors are concerned, you're the best kind of person - I'd recommend placing a pre-order with Goldsboro as soon as possible. The 250 signed copies of The Grim Company sold out within a few months, so 100 copies of Sword of the North won't last long. They're only £17.99 each, which is a couple of pounds more than what Amazon is currently charging.

I actually received a copy of Sword of the North, hot off the press, a few days ago. It's an impressively weighty and stunningly beautiful book:

The US edition will be released a little later, on May 5th, in both hardcover and ebook versions.

I'm now hard at work on the third book in the trilogy, Dead Man's Steel. It promises to be the longest yet, and by some distance: I'm estimating 200k words or thereabouts. Current release date is "sometime next year." I've had some thoughts about what I'll be working on after the trilogy, but I'll talk more about it when my plans become firmer.

I must take this opportunity to apologise to those users who left comments here on this blog weeks (or even months) ago, only to find their contributions stuck in the moderation queue. Somehow I failed to notice them until a couple of days ago, but rest assured they've now been posted. I've turned moderation off - though if I suddenly get inundated with spam I might need to reconsider. We'll see.

For my American fans, I'll be making an appearance at Vericon again next month. If you're in the area and plan to attend the convention, I'd be delighted to sign your books for you. It'll be fun to catch up with friends in Boston before meeting my US publishers and agent in NYC. I have no more appearances planned for the year (I might pop my head into BristolCon...) so I guess I'd better make the most of it!

In foreign-rights related news, I sold the Czech rights to books two and three. Hopefully Italy and Russia will follow suit. Fingers crossed for Portuguese and Spanish deals at some point; by all accounts these markets can be tough to penetrate...

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Sword of the North - Released!

My second novel, Sword of the North, is released today in ebook and kindle formats! Or at least it is for readers in the UK/Commonwealth and certain parts of Europe. The hardcover will follow in March. I expect I'll be signing books for Goldsboro as well as other reputable booksellers.

The good news for my American and Canadian friends is that I'll be returning to Vericon in late March, and I'll hopefully be signing a bunch of Penguin hardcovers in preparation for the North American launch of Sword of the North in May. I'll also have a ton of signed proofs of The Grim Company to give away, but I'll talk more about that nearer the date.

In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a digital copy of Sword of the North and delve back into the Age of Ruin...

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Sword of the North... Released Next Week!

Yep, you read that right.

In a supreme act of festive charity, my UK publishers have moved the e-book publication of Sword of the North forward three months to December 10th - or a week today.

 It was a terrific surprise to receive this news. Considering the year-long delay involved in delivering the novel, I'm delighted that fans will still have the opportunity to read my latest magnum opus in 2014. The chance of this happening seemed non-existent back in June. The novel also picked up a new cover along the way:

The UK hardcover will still be released in March next year; both the North American hardcover and e-book will follow in early May. If it's any consolation to my American friends, you can at least check out my latest CRPG, The Shadow Sun, now available on Android devices and receiving rave reviews.

I'm currently combing through the final physical proof of Sword of the North. It's a little over 500 pages. I'll return the manuscript to my publishers in the next day or two, and then they'll incorporate any changes into the digital release.

I'm confident this is a much stronger book than The Grim Company. I'm very excited to discover what readers think when it's released next Wednesday - it's been a long and difficult road to get to this point. I've already begun work on the third and final book in the trilogy, Dead Man's Steel, which is looking to be a monster in terms of size. I'm guessing 200k+ words, compared to 140k for The Grim Company and 155k for Sword of the North.

You can pre-order the kindle version of the Sword of the North here. Alternatively, check out this list of vendors for your non-kindle needs.

And of course, please spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, and the rest. Nothing helps a book reach the attention of new readers like word of mouth!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sword of the North: First Chapters Available Online!

I've made the first two chapters of Sword of the North available to read on this very website!

Click here

These chapters were first published in the UK mass market paperback of The Grim Company - but until now readers from other parts of the world had no way to read them short of importing the aforementioned hallowed tome.

Note that these are from a non-final draft and hence may contain errors, with minor details still subject to change. But they'll hopefully serve to whet your appetite for what will no doubt be the epic fantasy release of 2015...